Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Pet Peeve O' The Day

People [read: college-aged women] sipping lattes through plastic stir-sticks.

It's just wrong.

And I'm not rigid! I'm not!


mryonker said...

How 'bout young kids, sipping hot chocolate through them?


susansinclair said...

Okay, that I'll tolerate.

I'm just a coffee snob. Not a very good snob, but still.

Liz said...

The rules are different for kids; for college students, I have to agree that it is just WRONG to sip a hot beverage through a straw.

Jonathan Benda said...

How about 40 year-old males who try sipping Americano through the plastic stir-stick out of curiosity?

susansinclair said...

Didja burn your tongue?