Saturday, February 09, 2008

Pet Peeve O' The Day

Actually, this one has been brewing for a while. Half of it you can chalk up to my quasi-ADHD-like tendencies, and half to curmudgeonliness, and the third half to my firm belief that we all just need to be nice to each other. (As The Roomie and her friends say, "Come on, people!")

Here it is: between classes, when there are lots of folks in the hallways or on the sidewalks, traffic needs to be kept moving. This means that
a) Walking four or five abreast is not helpful
2) Stopping in the middle of the hallway to discuss your mutual dislike of writing classes is disruptive
and III) Moving very very slowly (whether because you haven't slept in two days or you're trying to text your best friend about your grumpy writing teacher) is to be avoided.

So, please, People: keep to the right, and keep it moving. I have places to go and people to see! Classes to torture!!

Miss Grumpy of 2008

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Jonathan Benda said...

And I thought only Taiwanese students did this...