Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Where did this break go?!

It's almost over. Okay, a week and a half left, but still.

I had a busy morning, paying bills and renewing professional memberships and registering for RSA and finally sending an updated blurb for my grad school's alumni page. I gave Mr. G this photo to work with--fetching, no? That's me giving a fabulous over-the-shoulder look at the GF as we ride the wooden escalator at Macy's last December 1. (I dragged her through the crowded store to ride it--'cause it's fun!)

Yesterday, I gave Maddie the Wonder Dog a bath, and I'm thinking that may be the last time I do it. Professionals must take over. Holding her wobbly hind end up in the tub is such a hassle, and cleaning up the dog hair is icky.

In other news, I'll be digging in the archives the next few mornings, reviewing material by/about Dr. Mary Edwards Walker. (For some reason, every time I go to type that, it turns into "Mary Baker Eddy.") The local university special collections has four boxes of stuff, fortunately readily available, so I can dive right in. I'm particularly interested in what she has to say about crafting her public image, so I can compare her stated intentions with photographic portraits--of which there are many.

We've been enjoying ludicrously warm weather the last few days, after last week's near-record lows. Weirdness. The wind has picked up, too, blowing Christmas trees from the curb into the middle of the street. It's like they're swimming upstream: "We can make it, guys! There's a park down the street--we can grow new roots, I know we can!!"

I finished taking down our tree yesterday. How did we get that in the front door, again? Maybe it got bushier over the last three-and-a-half weeks. Yeah, that's it.

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