Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Maddie's Resolutions for 2008

1. I resolve to only eat foods placed in my bowl or given to me by my people. In particular, I will not eat things with wrappers, which then block up my delicate system. As a dog of certain age, I must respect my body.

2. I resolve to remind my people not to let me walk on sidewalks that have been salted, as this is very hard on my paws. And, of course, since I rely heavily on my front paws, when one of those hurts, I find myself in undignified positions--i.e., collapsed upon the cold ground.

3. In related news, I resolve not to fight my people when they want to support me with the sling thing when I am ascending stairs.

4. I resolve to let my people know when The Puppy is getting on my nerves, so that I can take a break. Before I snap.

5. I resolve to eat my meals and not just hold out for treats, in order not to lose more weight and maintain my fabulous figure.

6. I resolve to exercise and stay fit in order to slow the progression of paralysis in my hindquarters.

7. Likewise, I resolve not to overdo when I am out on my walks. And to look out for holes in the ground that might trip me up.


Carole said...

Maddie might benefit from Dasuquin and Oxstrin. THese are two dietary supplements that a vet in Denver told me about. My dogs are 4, 9, and 14 years of age. The old girl definitely benefits from these supplements. Good luck. Dogs rule!

Middlebrow said...

I love the idea of dog resolutions. Our Gus needs to have a few resolutions, like, "I resolve to no longer take clothes out in the back yard."