Sunday, November 25, 2007

The Great Christmas Tree Debate

Okay, so for the last several years about this time, I wonder: should I invest in a quality artificial Christmas tree? Here are the reasons for wondering:
1. I don't really enjoy the hassle of putting the lights on the tree.
2. I love having a tree up for the longest possible time. Which means I have a fire hazard in my home.*
3. Those are my only two reasons.

Ecologically, it seems to be a wash *if* one purchases a particularly good tree that will last a long time. On the other hand, if one were to go out of one's way to buy a fresh, local tree, that would tip things in the other direction. Though that still leaves me with the messy set-up & take-down of the natural tree.

And one can purchase those tree-watering things to make it easier to keep the damn thing hydrated.

I sound grumpy, but it's only because I really really really love Christmas trees. I think it's genetic.

This year, I think I'm going natural again. Maybe next weekend, as a reward for grading my brains out. And I'll get the tree-watering thingy at Home Depot.

*The folks at the National Fire Protection Association report that nearly half of all home fires that started in trees--real or artifical--were due to faulty wiring, while another 27 percent were due to placing the darn thing to close to a heat source. So I suppose I can reduce my odds considerably by being practical, eh?

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Dr. Write said...

Definitely get a real tree! A local tree would be great. We almost got a tree this weekend, but decided it would die before the actual day. So I think we may get one next weekend. Maybe go to a farm. But we want a small one. To go with our small house.
Happy watering!!