Tuesday, November 27, 2007

100 percent

That's my conference acceptance rate. Which means my two alternate careers, should this whole professorial thing not work out, are:
1. Ghostwriter of conference proposals
2. Stylist for professional dog handlers (My motto: comfortable and dog-hair friendly need not be unattractive!)

Anyway, back to the conference proposal. I'll be heading back to beautiful Seattle next May for the Rhetoric Society of America's biennial festivities. I proposed something that requires I get my hiney into the archives over Christmas break. Which I'm actually looking forward to.

This proposal was, of course, in violation of my policy that I'm not allowed any more conferences 'til I start submitting stuff for publication. But I think you know why I broke that rule....

BTW, pix of Seattle trip shall be posted soon. In particular, you can look forward to some great shots from Carkeek Park on Thanksgiving morning.

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Chris Geyer said...


My RSA proposal got accepted too... sounds like a great homecoming opportunity for both of us.