Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Woman on Vacation

I'm sitting in a lovely coffee shop in Greenwood (think non-profit funky but clean and nice inside) with free WiFi (thankyouthankyouthankyou) enjoying the sunshine coming through a row of colored glass vases on a high window ledge. And thinking about working.

Here are things I've enjoyed thus far about my trip, in no particular order:

1. Dinner with KW who gave me an early Christmas present: a pen that she actually made! On a lathe! Wow!! And a way cool notebook from handmade paper.
2. Dinner with Biggest Sister and hubby at the restaurant where he works on the Everett waterfront. Yummy food. Fun conversation.
3. Hanging with my gracious hosts at their lovely home, complete with cats. And a parking spot that smells good. Yup, at a place owned by foodies who garden, even the extra parking space is planted with thyme.
4. Learning to play Mexican train. Gotta get me some dominos when I get home.
5. Copious text messages and silly phone calls with GF. Whom I called last night when I was stuck in the bumper-to-bumper traffic that inevitably forms during main commute times between Lynwood and Everett on I-5, to report that I'd seen a van with "Knowledge Learning Corporation" on the side. For some reason, this name confuses me.*
6. Shopping at fancy-schmancy shopping center, whence I purchased a pair of Keens on sale at a store called "Sole Food." Also splurged on a pair of cushy stripey Smartwool socks, because I've been wanting to try them. (Anyone having trouble shopping for me, please note: size medium, cushioned, in any color or pattern.)
7. Hanging out with my dad, who likes to look at photographs. And while one could get impatient--he's also moved to his own drummer, but now is on retired time, which is even slower--he turned up a couple of gems, which he discovered on a half-used roll of film in an old camera. I'll post one next week, but let's just say I'm about 20 and my glasses cover two-thirds of my face. But me and my dog P.D. are awfully cute.

I'm sure I'll remember more, to get some writing done so I can go play in Fremont for a few hours...Still gotta find a nice souvenir for GF...

*(Note: I just looked 'em up, and it's the parent corporation for KinderCare, a chain of preschools & daycare centers. They're also apparently a beneficiary of No Child crap, since they do supplemental tutoring. I mean, why would we spend that money on teachers and smaller classes? Don't get me started.)

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