Thursday, October 12, 2006

Because I don't want to talk about it

Cat spent weekend in emergency vet clinic. Small fortune spent. Now on insulin. Dog may have yet another freaky autoimmune thing going on. Treatable? We don't know. Can I afford it? Doubtful.

So, instead, I bring you: your chance to come up with something brilliant for the side of a Starbuckie's cup, from someone who may really really get the chance. Here's my entry for the day:

"I'm drinking this to satiate my fat inner child."


heather s. said...

How about: "I'm drinking this because it tastes better than that swill they serve at the indie coffee house down the street. There. I said it."

susansinclair said...

Yours is the best! You should add it over at Monkey Disaster... "I try to support you indie folks, but then you have inconsistent quality, and rude staff, and I just can't cope with that before I'm caffeinated!!)