Sunday, June 25, 2006

dreaming and academic paranoia

So, I dreamt this morning that I was at a big feminist rhetorics conference with HRH, and it was the night before we were to deliver our papers, and I of course had not written mine. I had a big chunk of stuff from a previously completed piece, which I had to stay up and reprocess into a presentation. Not that this is based in reality in any way at all.

So, apparently I gave the paper, because afterwards (the movie-dream apparently decided to edit out the actual presentations) I received a phone call from the Big Potato at the conference telling me they wanted to publish my paper. And HRH congratulated me, as she would, but then I began to realize that I had falsified some of the data.

Data? I don't do the sorts of work that require data...although, the dissertators' group suggested the other day that I needed to be extra clear about the constraints of the evidence to back up my claims in chapter four...but still...


Is this the classic successful woman's fear of being "found out"?

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