Thursday, June 22, 2006


aerobil notes how much we all change and grow over the years...and yet, I'd like to note some of the ways I have not grown.

1. I still eat junk food, despite all of the knowledge I have gathered about what it's doing not only to my body but to our economy and the environment. (I mention this first, because I just washed down some Wavy Lays and Helluvagood Bodacious Onion Dip with a glass of Coke.)

2. I still can't keep to a writing schedule. (Yesterday, I went to this lovely coffee house, read the newspaper, opened my computer and checked everything I possibly could online, reorganized some files, opened two different chapters, then closed them. And left.)

3. I'm still/again in therapy. (Granted, this new one is darn good, but I don't think I'm going to be fixed up anytime soon.)

4. I still do more retail therapy than I should. (Okay, this morning's purchases were quasi necessary--if future houseguests want sheets to sleep on that aren't dog-stained--and economical, but still.)

However, I would like to point out two BIG accomplishments in the past two days, both technological:
A. I bought and set up a new all-in-one inkjet, which seems pretty nifty thus far. And it only took me three times through the setup to figure out I had the cable going the wrong way. (Who knew there were different holes on different sides of the machine??)

II. Today I set up wireless internet, so now I can blog from the kitchen, from the front porch, wherever I want. Yea!!

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aerobil said...

Um, I said something about how much we change over the years. I said nothing about this thing you call "growth." Unless we're talking about the size of my butt.