Monday, December 26, 2005

God Jul!

Good Saturnalia! Merry Christmas! All that good stuff!

We're here in lovely Fernpatch, enjoying a few days with Ms J's sister and brother-in-law. Today we were joined by Ms J's niece, her husband, and their two little boys (3 and 4). A most enjoyable (if occasionally overrambunctious) time was had by all. Young Master A (aged 3) and I stretched out on the spare bed and watched Caspar on video (that's "Caappurr" for the small of mouth). These are the cutest little boys in the world, except perhaps for my nephews, who have long since grown out of this particular stage, and I enjoyed myself very much. Until perhaps the last hour, when overexhaustion hit and hyperenergy peaked. Which, as Ms J likes to point out, generally reduces any maternal extincts I may possess.

Tomorrow we'll have Boxing Day dinner with my family in Seattle, which means more time with my brilliant and charming nephews, which I always appreciate. We'll be staying the last few days (as we did the first few of our journey) with friends in Seattle, who have been extremely generous in sharing their spare room (aka computer/craft/excercise room). A few more visits with friends to squeeze in, then it's home again home again (jiggity jig) late Wednesday. Ms J's job is keeping me from snoring TOO loudly inflight.

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senioritis said...

Happy travels to you. A coupla Sudafed will relieve that snoring, ya know. Hey, it helped Amy get some sleep when she had to room w/ me in September!