Friday, December 30, 2005

Home Again, Naturally

(Just a little 70s pop music reference for you.)

So, we're back. We had a most enjoyable trip, visiting with several old friends as well as family. Our hostesses for much of the trip were extraordinarily kind, and only hid the fudge on the next-to-the-last day. (Fudge: it's what's for breakfast.)

Alas, our poor critters are a bit the worse for wear for having spent a week at the vet. Maddie's got a bit of kennel cough (apparently those bordatello--doesn't that sound like a canine house of prostitution?--vaccines aren't 100 percent effective), which led to her sleeping in the living room midway through the night, so that MsJ could get a decent night's sleep before returning to work today.

I'm faced with a full cleanout of the office, so that I can put all of last semester's teaching tasks to bed and begin this semester's planning in earnest. And of course, we should buy some food. Though I suppose we could survive on frozen veggies and couscous (of which I seem to have purchased an awful lot) for a few more days. Might drop a few of those chocolate-induced holiday pounds, to boot.

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