Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Panda Toddler Runs Rampant

Yesterday on the Panda Cam I glimpsed Mei Xiang twice stand on her rear paws to look out the window in a door from her enclosure. One can only imagine what she was thinking: "Help me. Help me NOW!" Because, each time she did this, her cub Tai Shan threw himself at her rear legs, knocking her from her standing position and pouncing upon her head.

Today, in their continuing effort to provide education and enhancement for Tai Shan (and no doubt to provide some relief for a harried and chewed-on mom), his keepers provided a number of fun items: a rubber tub filled with hay and a cardboard box. In the past few days, the tub and a Kong (also our Maddie's fave when filled with peanut butter) have been favorite toys, but today the cardboard box won out, as Tai tossed it about and dismantled it.

Perhaps this is just the panda way of participating in that continuing holiday tradition: playing with the box the toy came in.

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