Thursday, July 03, 2008


Did I mention I'm having a great summer? (Yeah, yeah, the work's hanging over my head these days, but still...) C. and I went up to the Thousand Islands for a few days last week, and did a boat tour on the St. Lawrence. And loafed. And ate good food. Very nice.

And this past weekend we went to see the Doobie Brothers and Chicago at Bethel Woods, the concert venue on the old Woodstock site. Excellent concert--except, perhaps, for the pouring rain during the second half, but Chicago's worth it, right? (We were just under the roof, so some protection, but still a pretty wet experience.) 

And we stayed at a beautiful B&B near Barryville, NY, which I highly recommend. Well, so do tons of other people, so it's not like I'm giving you fabulous inside information, but we definitely want to go back. Maybe in the fall, when the leaves turn. The view was amazing, even from the room. Lying on the bed. And I saw lots of birds--a blue bunting, a scarlet tananger, hawks, and (I think) an eagle. 

So, time to get my ass in gear. Today: reading about strategies for managing the teaching load this fall...

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