Friday, July 04, 2008

busy busy busy

Well, busier than I thought, anyway. Things I've been getting done, even when I feel I'm not getting enough done:
1. Taught myself to use iCal this morning. (This may be a snap to some folks, but we Easily Distracted Persons don't always handle self-instruction all that well. Like, it took me several frustrated attempts to find that dinky tiny drop-down menu for recurring events.)
2. Attempted to figure out how to sync iCal and Google calendar. Decided to bag it for now, because, quite frankly, I don't need to know. So there.
3. Played with display features on Macbook. Because I can. And because there was too much crap in the dock. (Do I need a constant reminder that I could--were I so inclined--compose music on my computer?)
4. Emailed online learning guy at New School to see if there's any upcoming workshops on their course management system. Because I hate starting the semester confused about stuff like that.
5. Realized--again--that it's a good thing I haven't gotten farther on my syllabi, since it would be good to know what features I might want to use on said new CMS.
6. Treated myself to cosmo & sushi last night and continued re-reading John Bean's Engaging Ideas. Because I'm teaching four classes this fall. And I need help structuring assignments in a more time-effective yet still pedagogically sound manner.
7. Played TextTwist.
8. Sent short text to C., who won't see it for hours. Because I can.
9. Bought a cinnamon dolce latte from Starbucks. That was first, naturally. And it's not decaf. Don't tell my doctor, k?
10. Told y'all what I've been doing.
11. Got back to work.

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