Thursday, May 29, 2008

The Seattle Report

Seattle was lovely, but first the important news you're all waiting for: I gained three pounds. This may be primarily cosmo weight, but I'll take it.

I managed to squeeze in time for the Rhetoric Society of America conference, visiting with friends, and all-important family time--not bad for four and a half days! I also made it down to Richmond Beach to watch the water and soak up some sun (see evidence at right), and to the Ballard (aka Chittenden) Locks--and I hadn't been to the latter since I can't remember when. (It's always amazing the things you don't do when you're from a place.)

As always, there were lots of things I meant to do and didn't get to, but that's okay. Tomorrow, as Scarlett would say, is another day.

1 comment:

Dr. Write said...

You look fabulous. Now if I could just lose 3 pounds...I love the Ballard Locks. All those jumping fish. Ahh...and the beach! And water! Sometimes I miss the NW. But not the rain...
Hope your presentation went well.