Sunday, April 13, 2008


Things I've gotten done today, in no particular order:
1. Posted a list of edited sample sentences that introduce sources and attribute information effectively, for the edification and enjoyment of those students who initially drafted those on samples.
2. Did a load of laundry. Okay, it's still in the dryer, but it made it to the basement!
3. Shopped at Wegmans with the GF. On a Sunday morning. Insanity.
4. Made pancakes for myself and ate them as I read the Sunday paper.
5. Composed various and sundry emails and played a few rounds of Scramble on Facebook.
6. Signed the offer letter for my new job and prepared it for mailing.
7. Did my taxes. Also ready for mailing.

And a promise to myself: I really really really will hire a personal financial advisor next fall to help me sort out all this stuff. Really. Cross my heart.

Tonight I'll be watching The Jane Austen Book Club, so that I can return my last two Netflix DVDs, since I've suspended my account for a few months. (It's not such a great deal if you don't actually get around to watching the DVDs, you know?)

The GF and I watched I Am Legend the other night, and it wasn't as scary as I expected. Now, in part, that's because if you're snuggled up next to someone (plus a tiny fuzzy white dog), you feel pretty safe. But also, because the CG wasn't all that impressive. And, in the end, everyone's all better. Well, except for the dead people. But still.

And we're talking about me, here, folks--the queen of scared to death. When we watched 28 Days Later, on that very same couch, I freaked out while putting laundry in the dryer. I ran back upstairs and made the GF come down with me. So, I am very easily frightened. This time, I walked home (granted, just a block) by myself, and slept alone in my apartment.

Our little girl is growing up.

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