Saturday, September 29, 2007


GF and Son played host to several toads this summer, who set up housekeeping in a window well outside the back door. It's an excellent location with rocks and leaf litter to hide under and avoid the prying eyes of resident humans. There seemed to be two moms with two different sets of offspring--early summer and late summer. A couple of times the smaller ones climbed the window screen to warm their tiny bodies, and once one fell off while we were watching--sort of toad slapstick. Maybe a stunt toad.

And Maddie wishes to advise younger dogs that toads should not be placed in the mouth. Not only do they taste funny, causing one to promptly spit them out. but your owner becomes agitated and orders you to "Drop it!" As if things hopping in your path aren't fair game.

(By the way, there are three toads common to this area, so heck if I know what this one is. On top of that, apparently they've been known to interbreed. Shocking.)

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