Monday, July 02, 2007

New camera!

I've been playing with my nifty new camera, a Canon PowerShot A710IS. I wanted something with a stronger zoom (this has a 6x optical zoom) and that wasn't held together with purple duct tape. That would be my old Nikon Coolpix, purchased in 2000--heavy, awkward, but hardworking. Like most electronic devices, however, it would prefer not to be dropped on the pavement. Thus the duct tape to hold the battery compartment closed.

Before giving the old Nikon to the GF, I purchased a new Compact Flash card for it. Um, why didn't I do that for myself years ago? That 1g card can take like 1,000 pix! I had the original dinky one. Of course, that forced me to actually upload my photos and do something with them, and I hear from some that all that storage can make one a wee bit lazy.

Anyway, here's a lovely shot of Maddie the Wonder Dog (isn't that the cutest underbite ever?). Who, btw, recently added Rimadyl to her medication regimen (and my monthly bills). It seems to be doing her arthritic body some good, though hot summer weather is a bit hard on her system. She's also getting an entire can of dog food each day to try to put weight on her, the lucky dog. Since we old folks sometimes need a little help in the digestive department, I mix in a teaspoonful of psyllium (fiber). Too much information? Okay.


Candace said...

Lovely photo!!! P.S. Ask you vet about generic Rimadyl...Carprofen. Much cheaper!

susansinclair said...

We decided to go with the regular first, to see how things went, just because the vet hadn't used the generic yet. We'll definitely switch over soon!

runningburro said...

Your dog is so sweet :)