Thursday, May 24, 2007


In the midst of the move last week, I neglected to post my latest Big News: I am gainfully employed for the coming school year! It's a good job with some great people, and they're paying pretty darn well, so I'm happy. (And, more optimistic that the right tenure-track position in the area will come along for the following year...)

So, to recap last week's excitement:
5/11: Doctoral Hooding
5/13: Commencement
5/14: Defense
5/15: File Grades
5/16-18: Moving & Scrubbing of old place
5/18: Job Offer
5/19 to date: Utter exhaustion accompanied by incessant grinning


Nels said...

You rock!

middlebrow said...

Congrats on being gainfully employed.