Saturday, November 04, 2006

Rev. Haggard, Patron Saint of Prostitute/Drug Dealers

According to Catherine Tsai of the Associated Press, as posted to the Seattle Times online, "The Rev. Ted Haggard said Friday he bought methamphetamine and received a massage from a male prostitute. But the influential Christian evangelist insisted he threw the drugs away and never had sex with the man."

Ministry by allowing others to give you a massage. I'm up for that sort of evangelism, how about you?

This is such a hot story, even has it covered.

And a visit to Haggard's church notes that they have a "Thou Shalt Laugh" night coming up. Boy howdy, are they gonna need it.


Candace said...

And the "Overseers" at the church invited Haggard to leave his position. Where were these "Overseers" when Haggard needed overseeing? Or maybe that should be "Overlookers".

susansinclair said...

I have a colleague who once worked for a megachurch (and quickly grew dissatisfied with that version of religion)--I'm looking forward to chatting with him about this...may have to buy him a cup of tea...