Sunday, November 05, 2006

Fabulous New Name

If I ever do any more writing in authorship stuff (and at this stage in the diss process, the brain boggles at writing ANYTHING EVER AGAIN), I want to use this name, which I just spotted another version of at a favorite blogsite: Susanonymous

Is that fabulous, or what?

Oh, and that fave blog: Alison Bechdel is a brilliant artist whose strip Dykes to Watch Out For has been part of my life since around 1992. And as part of my project of introducing the GF to les-bean cul-chah, I gave her my complete set, plus we've been watching The L Word on DVD. It is GF's humble opinion (okay, her opinions don't tend to be humble) that TLW is ripping off DTWOF. (Now, I don't think that's true. But she raises a point about the depth of Bechdel's insights into US lesbian experiences of the last few decades...from butch-femme to economics to antigay legislation to monogamy to child-rearing to education...just to name a few).

Compare this

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senioritis said...

In my next publishing life, I will be "Rebecca Moore H."