Thursday, September 07, 2006

Special Guest Star

Today I was a special guest star in Dr. H's authorship seminar, and it was lots of fun! I got to enjoy the smart conversation of a seminar without all the hard work (I skimmed two articles before the class, and one of them was mine).

It was very entertaining re-reading the chapter I wrote for the book that we produced when I took an authorship seminar with the inimitable professor a few years back. My chapter: "The Erotics of Authorship." Because I can make *anything* dirty. No really, I can. Ask anyone. The phrase "slide up on the curb" was coined with me in mind.

Some fun quotes:
"[...]though one might try, bodily functions cannot be erased (powdered and sprayed) from one's life."
"[...] if texts are indeed orphans, disconnected from (if not free of) authorial presences, then readers are free to throw parties in the parents' absence."

Also, there's a reference to friction that I don't think I meant to be dirty. But now I think it is. Tee hee.

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senioritis said...

you were f-a-b today, setting an impossibly high bar for the SGStars who will follow you.