Sunday, September 24, 2006

It's the Story of My Life--no, Really

So, recently Middlebrow responded to this prompt, from an application for a program he was considering participating in at his school. And I liked it so much, I wanted to try it out:

"Imagine that you are writing your autobiography, and create the Table of Contents that will appear at the front of the autobiography. Develop the chapter titles to your life story, and feel free to use creative words and phrases that capture the spirit of those times in your life."

It Seemed Like A Good Idea At The Time: The Almost True and Highly Amusing Story of Susansinclair's First Forty-Three Years
  • Chapter One -- The First Fifteen Years: Born Sunny Side Up, How to Be a Smart Chubby Social Outcast, and My Descent into Low Brass
  • Chapter Two -- High School, or How I Pissed Off Some Good People, Made Some Friends for Life, Rebelled as only a Pollyanna Could, and Became a Semi-Cool Intellectual Drama Girl
  • Chapter Three -- The Walla Walla Years, with an Excursus to Lesbiana, in Which Drama Girl Lives in a Yurt and Nearly Becomes Cultural Feminist Girl, 'til She Reads Some More and Changes Her Mind...Again...and Again...
  • Chapter Four -- Grad School? Grad School. Grad School? Or, How I Came to Love Bellingham (Washington), Worked at the Library, Broke up with My First Lover, and Found a New One
  • Chapter Five -- Grad School! in which Susansinclair Has An Epiphany During Yoga, Returns to Graduate School, and Discovers Composition & Rhetoric (and, of course, meets Dr. Write and Middlebrow)
  • Chapter Six -- The Grand Northeast Experiment, or How Tuba Player Moved Cross-Country, Made New Friends, Got Smarter, Took a Job Before I Finished My Dissertation, Lost that Job (Thank You, Gov. Corzine), and Said Goodbye to her Significant Other of 13 years, and Re-discovered Herself in Syracuse
  • Epilogue -- In She Explores Possibilities for the Future, including Learning to Care of Herself and Letting Go of the Desire to Make Everyone Else Happy, with the Help of a New Girlfriend and Lots of Other Good People


Dr. Write said...

I want to read that book. I especially want to hear about the Yurt living. Sounds interesting. . .any way you can make it part of the diss?

susansinclair said...

You just wanna read the part in which I'm intimidated by you during my first year at WWU!

Dr. Write said...

What? Intimidated by me? ha! Ha, I say. :)