Monday, September 25, 2006

At loose ends & Walla Walla bound

So, I'm off to my 20th college reunion in beautiful Walla Walla, where the temperature is expected be in the 80s. I'll get to see lots of wonderful friends and enjoy a long drive from Seattle to Walla Walla and back with my oldest friend, and we'll be staying with my college mentor while we're there. On top of that, I'm squeezing in visits with my dad and two sisters on the one (!) day I'll be in Seattle.

So, why am I at loose ends? Too much to do! Too little focus and organization!! Insufficient preparation!!! Arrrrggggghhhh!

And what's the cause of most of my frustration and distraction: pets. Yes, finding care for the geriatric canine and middle-aged feline (well, she thinks she's living til 20) has proved harder than expected. Particularly if one loses track of the days and weeks and suddenly finds oneself two weeks from the trip....then one week...then days....

But, it will all work out. I will get these papers graded. I will finish these chapter revisions. And I will enjoy my trip. So there.


aerobil said...

have fun, darling. Can't wait to hear all about it.

Joddy said...

Can't believe that you don't want to stop by the Tri-Cities and visit me. Geesh.
--Joddy Murray

susansinclair said...

Hey, I thought of you when we drove through--does that count?