Wednesday, August 16, 2006

SNAFU at the Zoo

So, I had a last-minute opportunity to join GF & Son (sounds like a cool business, huh?) at the Zoo today. I also had a 1:00 conference with the Life Coach, but I figured, hey, she's said before we could do that over the phone, so why not just hold my phone conference from the Zoo? Cool idea, huh?

Except, I misplaced my cell phone, and didn't realize it 'til we were already in the Zoo. My efforts to make do were not successful, and that means I paid mucho bucks for a 30-minute conference that wasn't. I am, therefore, feeling tremendous GUILT over wasting money.

Which got me thinking: didn't I used to be better at juggling stuff and keeping myself reasonably organized? Maybe not my files or my stuff, always, but certainly day-to-day operations. Why do I seem to be so discombobulated of late?

Here are my answers:
1. I probably was never that organized, and I'm reflecting with rose-colored glasses.
2. I'm older and I'm premenopausal.
3. I've been undergoing a Major Life Change over the past few months, and so am not as On Top of things as I used to be, or will be again in the future.
4. Today was a bigtime vertigo day, as my last dose of Paxil was 5mg on Sunday.

So, what shall I take away from this experience?
1. Regardless of how spontaneous a moment is, it's important to pause and make a quick list (written down on a handy sticky note) of necessary supplies one must have with one.
2. Always carry my planner with me with said sticky affixed and ready to be consulted multiple times, even if it seems awkward. My brain is much more awkward.
3. When I realize I have made a mistake, take a moment to sit down and consider my options. Vertigo is not conducive to thinking on one's feet.

So, maybe this was a useful Life Coaching Moment after all.

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