Saturday, July 01, 2006

Replacement Parts

You've probably been asking yourself, "In the aftermath of her Big Breakup, which appliance or tool does susansinclair miss the most?" Now I did get one of those, though not the harness. But what I really missed was my DustBuster. My heavyduty, 14.4 volt DustBuster. I purchased it last year to replace my dearly departed 1992 DustBuster ("Are you sure that's what she asked for for her birthday,\?" my father asked my mother) of slightly lesser power.

That nice, new one traveled west with Ms J, to be engaged in cleaning up after Rupert the Boy Wonder (he who has never learned to properly use a litter box). But now, thanks to Amazon, I have a new new one. Charging right this minute. Look out dust bunnies--soon sucking you up will be too convenient, even for the lazy housekeeper I am!

Now, about that other item...

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