Monday, June 19, 2006

Accomplishments / To Do's

A: Sent off first part of Chapter 4 to our dissertators' group last night.
TD: Continue revising Chapter 3, particular final section in which I expect readers to do all the work of analysis.
A: Order three folding bookcases from Target (on sale, free shipping) so that I can unpack books.
A: Placed Craigslist ad for IKEA bookcases, as they require assemblage that I am not up to now or in future. Hence books remaining in boxes.
TD: Sort books and haul many to nearby used bookstores and/or library donation bins, as needed.
A: Returned useless lighted mirror to Target.
A: Ordered unlighted, nicer mirror from Amazon.
TD: Clean bathroom. Hell, clean everything.
A: Purchased air condition and hauled it into the apartment.
TD: Find someone to install it, as it's a bit outside my skill level.
A: Went on date yesterday--had a few drinks and talked with very nice person for two hours.
TD: More dates with other folks! (Note: Goal will be reached after this evening's date with Person #3.)
A: Sat on front porch sipping beer Saturday night with neighbor, discussing the universe.
TD: Lots more of same!

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