Sunday, May 14, 2006

Elementary, My Dear Watson

My perfect record for acceptance of conference proposals continues! Of course, I can't actually take full credit for this one (or for the recently submitted Cs proposal), as others (kudos to PB and JW) did the bulk of the work. So, here are some upcoming tour dates for my friends and colleagues scattered about the world--*do* look me up if you'll be there!
May '06: RSA in Memphis ("Elvis!" "Carl!" "Elvis!")
October '06: Watson in Louisville (What did I say I'd talk about, again?)
December '06: MLA (Look for the red-head in the flight-attendant navy suit)
March '07: CCCC in NYC (whether I'm presenting or not)

Plus, I'll be in Walla Walla at the end of September for my 20th college reunion. And I'll be fabulous. (Still up for the summer fitness program, Jen?)

1 comment:

Nels said...

I'm skipping RSA this time around, but I'll see you at the other three!