Monday, May 01, 2006


Because we can--because he's online maybe once a year, and because, let's face it, face-to-face parenting with children & teens was not his strong suit--here are some favorite paternal sayings. Feel free to add your own.
"You must have done something wrong today, you look guilty."
"Now you've wrecked it."
"Did you learn anything?"
"There's beads on the road!" (From the "driving in the rain" speech)
"You just didn't think."
"Stop crying or I'll give you something to cry about."


aerobil said...

here're some momisms:

1. Marry a rich man.
2. Don't get pregnant until you're married.
3. Aw, for Chrissakes!
4. Careful what you wish for.

susansinclair said...

Oh, my god! I think our parents might be related. Dad's version of #1: "It's just as easy to fall in love with a rich man as a poor one."

madeline said...

hm. can't do this one. it would 1) require too many cursewords and 2) depress the hell out of me and everyone who reads.

But I'll do a few Momisms (these require cursewords as well, but were never directed at children):
1. Christ in a side car.
2. Fuck me running (backwards).
3. I'm gonna bang your heads together, so help me.

Ah, childhood.

aerobil said...

Madeline's had me laughing out loud, and it triggered more:

5. Clam it!
6. Go chase yourself.
7. Shut it!

susansinclair said...

"Ferme la bouche."
"You think so, huh?"

Candace said...

I will say we have to give Dad some credit, now that he's channeling Mom, he's a great dad to his adult children.
I do, however, wonder...what if he had actually had problem children to deal with??? We were pretty damn good kids, no drug problems, no legal problems, etc.

And you left out.."Who'da thunk it?"

susansinclair said...

How could I possibly forget that one? And I do think he's grown tremendously in the past several years. I'm sorry it took this trauma for it to happen, but my recent foray into Buddhism suggests that's how we learn. Darnit.