Friday, January 06, 2006

New Toy

I just finished learning the basics of operating my new mp3 player, a Samsung Yp-MT6 with a full gig of memory, fm radio, and voice recorder. Thus far I'm enjoying it immensely, though the instructions are a tad brief--one senses that producers of said instructions assume far greater knowledge on behalf of the consumer than is appropriate in my case. *sigh*

But, after misreading the tiny symbols on its tiny package, and reading the directions three times, I am now happily listening to the year-end show of NPR's On The Media, happily captured using WNYC's "pubcatcher" tool, then transfered to Windows Media Player, then rapidly synched to my tiny player, which one user on Amazon suggested we view as fancy housing for an AA battery.

Yea me! And let's hear it for the ability to disappear into my own little world whilst waiting for and riding the bus to and from school.

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