Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Cute Excuse

The Daily Show reported Monday night that research suggests that viewing cute images affects us the same way as sex or good food, which led Ms J to suggest that I am self-medicating by viewing the Panda Cam. I hate it when she's right.

The folks at the Stanford Daily Online report that "new research seems to show that cute images activate dopamine-based pleasure pathways in the brain the same way sex, good food or psychoactive drugs can." Still keeping an eye out for a link to the actual research, since SDO didn't attribute.

Failure to attribute: not cute.
Panda in a tub: way cute.


aerobil said...

you're killing me with your panda obsession. Is it akin to my Scrabble obsession? Take the quiz!

susansinclair said...

Let's see...once every day or two (or three), I tune in to the National Zoo's website and watch the cam for two or three minutes. Less if the boy isn't doing anything.

As time sucks go, not so bad. Now, listening to NPR and playing Magic Vines...*that's* a time suck!