Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Wedding Colors

Now, don't laugh: this is an important question! So much depends on this decision. C. is leaning toward pink, of late, and while I like that, we're tentatively planning on Fall 2010 for the reception, so I'm thinking a pale pink needs a richer tone to go with it. Would burgundy be too obvious? What about brown? 

Keep in mind the site in the running right now for the reception is the loft of a big barn that houses a winery's retail and tasting area. Cool, huh?

And am I using this discussion to avoid working on my online class? Moi? Nev-er!


Heather S. said...

I'm not a huge fan of burgundy. I'd vote for brown. Makes me think of velvet, which is all fall-y.

ChrisG said...

A LOT depends on the shade and degree of pink (pale pink? bubble gum? neon?). I wouldn't opt for burgundy with pink in the setting you describe, but I also wouldn't go to brown. I might think in terms of a forest green, or even a mossy color instead. Think of the colors of the vine - there is a lightish brown in the vine itself, but then there is the green of the leaves and the many shades of the grapes. Something between the vine and the leaves would be what I'd shoot for.

aerobil said...

I love pink and brown together.

susansinclair said...

I love that three not-very-girly women weighed in on this important question! And, with excellent input, too!

tyra said...

i weigh in along similar lines, and was going to say so before i saw where that lot went with it: brown and pink are often very nice together, but it depends on shades--sometimes that can get to looking too much like chocolate cake frosting & sugar roses, which takes you back to the trouble with pink making everybody look like candy already. :) if your pink doesn't go nicely with a brown that doesn't do that, a deep forest green would be a great alternative.

Mark E said...

Okay, so I would say look at the kinds of colors in the leaves to go with your pink. Remember pinks range from a pretty pastel pink to deep rose pink.

Given that it will be fall. Here are some choices that could be made:
Chocolate Brown and pink
Leaf Green and pink
Deep Amber and pink
Crimson and pink
Moss Green and pink

If you choose a deeper pink it will not be overwhelmed by another saturated color.

So think Fall colors and what would go with pink.