Monday, June 15, 2009

We interrupt this message...

The planning of the wedding celebration has been temporarily interrupted (except for affirming that there will be no playing of the Chicken Dance!) with The Great Car Shopping Expedition of 2009. Yes, it is at long last time to let go of the '98 Forester that has done such good service for the last 9.5 years. Here are some highlights:

1. Car shopping is a good test of compatibility. Thus far it has demonstrated that C. is a) willing to tolerate my giant anxiety attacks over this big step, and b) willing to compromise even though she prefers an automatic transmission and a white exterior. She's respected my shifting priorities and made excellent suggestions, even if I occasionally have felt overwhelmed by those suggestions. ("No, I hadn't considered that--how many cars does that make it we're gonna test drive?!") She is not so tolerant of my desire to put stickers on my car. 

2. My fondness for the Honda Fit was done in by the fact that it was very difficult to find a model with electronic stability control and the fact that I drive through three weather zones twice a week all winter long--including the Tug Hill Plateau, known for its massive snowfall. 

3. This fact also, ultimately, led me to lean toward AWD. Since I'm used to it. 

4. This means that my goal of slashing my gas bill in half will not be achieved. 

5. Of course, since I keep cars 'til I drive 'em into the ground, I gotta have something reliable and long-lasting.

6. I don't want another red car. I'm just sayin'. 

7. I test drove the Kia Soul. Just because of the hamsters. No, it's not on the final list, but it was awfully roomy and fun! (Mood lighting--who knew?)

8. Driving a stick is a lot like riding a bicycle. At least in terms of body memory.

Stay tuned for the continuing saga! Hopefully, I'll have photos to post very soon of my new baby. 

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