Thursday, May 21, 2009

So very, very talented

Yesterday, I purchased a remote control (or "box," as C.'s family calls it), since the old one was refusing to turn the TV on and off. Not a big deal, perhaps, unless you like to watch TV at night. In bed. Then it could lead to an argument: "You turn it off." "No, you." 

So, I bought a new one. The only requirement: buttons big enough to read without retrieving the reading glasses, and a "back" button. Because when you're channel flipping, who the heck wants to remember the numbers? I mean, really.

I found an added bonus feature: light-up buttons. (See note above, re watching TV at night in bed.)

My talent? Not just locating the perfect remote at a good price at La Tar-jay, but also reading the directions and programming it. Yes, we can. And I did.

And then I curtsied. C., who was in the midst of painting the dining room (a Big Job), expressed mild approval. Or was that amusement?

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