Sunday, August 24, 2008

Where, oh where, has my summer gone?

So, it's August 25, and classes start tomorrow, and I'm still unpacking my apartment, and I miss C. Clearly, summer is over. Really over. 

In good news, I have cable and wireless up and running. In bad news, still no furniture to speak of: I'm sitting (as anticipated) in my folding camp chair in front of the TV, Macbook on my lap, feet on a box. I hope to do the major furniture purchasing this Sunday, so this place will feel more like a home and less like I'm camping out. 

So, expect phone calls from me, all y'all. With luck, I'll be so busy, I won't be able to keep moping about. And eating too much. (Remember that too skinny problem? All gone. And then some. Ahem.)

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