Wednesday, June 04, 2008

What I'm Up To Today

1. Ate breakfast (two eggs over easy plus two pieces of toast)
2. Played on the computer
3. Went for a nice long power walk
4. Showered and listened to NPR
5. Went to the library and returned to the Pulitzer-prize-winning novel I should* be reading in order to check out a new chick-lit-esque novel by a former classmate.
6. Visited Target, my home-away-from-home, to pick up prescriptions, yard sale signage materials, and buy a new pair of shorts. (Okay, the last one wasn't essential, but I look damn cute in 'em.)
7. Shopped for groceries--stuff to whet my appetite. Like chips and dip. (I had 'em with a salad, so back off!)
8. Ate lunch and began reading said novel.
7. Emailed my fall textbook orders.
9. Spoke to my presumptive future landlord about my presumptive new home up North.
10. Played on the computer
11. Got my ass away from the computer to work on academic writerly crap.

*Note: I have decided to avoid the word "should" as much as possible from now on. I often do what I want to anywho, so why am I wasting time feeling guilty about what I should be doing?

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Lisa B. said...

Target as home-away-from-home: I commented recently to my adult niece that if I can't visit Target at least twice a week, something is a little off, and she said, "Twice???" like two times a week is too many, whereas I know that there are weeks when I visit Target Every Day! There are so many reasons to go to Target!