Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Isn't that one of the laws of the universe? We're all heading entropy-ward? Two cases in point: my car and my laptop.

The car is feeling its age, needing lots of little but expensive things. Like a timing belt. And a bearing here or there. Nothing major--nothing that will leave me by the roadside in the summer heat. Oh, wait...

And speaking of summer heat, the air conditioning died. Dammit. And I just can't cough up $600+ to replace the a/c on a 10-year-old car I plan to sell in the fall, when I don't have any income during the summer months. So, I'll be the one hanging my head out the window like a dog.

The laptop, well, it ain't so portable anymore. See, one of the hinges broke, so now I can't fold it. Now, it's just a skinny little desktop.

I shall, a la The Secret, continue to envision replacements (here and here) for these steadfast but tired parts of my life.

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