Thursday, May 15, 2008

On Flirting

I have a date tonight. But I'm not here to give you details on that--anyone who wants to know will just have to call me. So there.

However, I would like to talk about the joys of flirting via text message. Now, it has its challenges--the delay factor, for one, because you have no way of knowing whether the person at the other end has just curled her lip and said, "What the...?" or is laughing and thinking up some witty riposte. (Okay, there's a word I've never used before--and it may not happen again.)

Because I am, as those who know me will attest, a bit of a chickenshit, flirting via text is ideal. I can take a minute to think of something fabulous to say, and just key it in, thinking, "Oh, I'm not really going to send this." And then I dare myself: "Just hit that 'ok' button...see what happens..." And the other person's not there to see that moment of panic on my face.

Of course, this could all be the result of the necklace I bought myself yesterday and think I'm going to wear forever. It's a little silver charm with a spiral and reads "fearless." It's my new superpower.

1 comment:

Dr. Write said...

I think "fearless flirting" SHOULD be a superpower.
I need the super power of resisting the internet while working on my novel....