Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Strike that off the reading list

So, I read the piece on Margaret B. Jones in the New York Times last week, and I even remember reading a few lines to someone on the phone--the GF, perhaps? The quote about ethnic studies and how it explained stuff she already knew. Anyway, it sounded like an interesting memoir, and I thought, maybe, if I get time, I would enjoy this. (Like the bookshelf isn't already filled with items fitting that description.)

And then, yesterday, NPR tells me it was all a hoax. Not a Thousand-Little-Pieces-Stretch-the-Truth-A-Lot sort of thing, but an all-out hoax.

The good news: one less book I feel bad about not having time to read.
The bad news: more ammunition for folks who want to establish black-and-white rules about fact and fiction.

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