Thursday, March 13, 2008

Gov, we yardly knew ye

Yes, it's political humiliation time! Granted, that 70 percent of voters who swept Spitzer into office in 2006 had begun to see the tarnish on his armour...but still. Gack.

Mostly we're all agog that one can a) have enough money to spend $80,000 on prostitutes, and b) one can actually spend $80,000 on prostitutes without someone--anyone--hitting you over the head and saying, "Knock it off!" I mean, really. Although, at $5500 an hour, that's only 14.5 hours of sex.

Kind of like me and the Starbucks. It adds up fast.


Dr. Write said...

Yes, my friend and I were saying it's the perfect job. You only have to work one night every three months.

susansinclair said...

Yes, but I'd have to be nice to men. I'm sooooo not qualified for that.