Wednesday, January 23, 2008


I meant to post this last Sunday--my breakfast of fabulous scones and spice tea! Tasty and nostalgic, too. You see, every year at the big county and state fairs, we'd line up outside the Fisher booth to buy hot scones with butter and jam. (Okay, I don't know if we did it every time, but I do remember having scones at least once!)

And special thanks to Mr. Brother in Law for the Market Spice Tea. More nostalgia: this was my major source of caffeine before I discovered espresso. It's strong and clove-y and if you drink too much your tongue goes numb. I highly recommend it.


Becky Howard said...

That is the BEST SCONE MIX in the KNOWN UNIVERSE, but of course you know that, with your northwestern background. Did you buy it around here?

susansinclair said...

Nope--I had to buy it online. In bulk. (Except brilliant brother-in-law included a package of that, too, so I'm set for a little, GF is gluten-free: MORE FOR ME!)

Lisa B. said...

Market spice tea is the bomb. A woman in my writing group is from Seattle--she made it once for us and I was hooked. I try to keep some around all the time--luckily we have a reason to go to Seattle from time to time, so can pick some up.