Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Today, I... eating a caesar salad with my fingers, because I forgot to bring a fork and I'm too chicken to beg the folks in the HR office (the principal occupants of the building my office is in) if I can borrow one. (And it's really hard to get all the cheese shreds and bacon bits up, so I have my office door closed. No one needs to see this.)

... am annoyed with students who can't focus for even ten minutes on the work at hand. Even after I give a little spiel at the beginning about how it's going to be a short class and all I'm asking for is 30 minutes of work. Of course, I explicitly reminded them not to have any programs open on their computers that were not directly related to class, and that the only excuse for having a cell phone on and/or out in the open is that they're on a transplant waiting list. So, I didn't see any of that, but did see a few reviewing their calendars rather than doing a measly few minutes of freewriting. Grrrrr.

... am really cold. Why is there no heat in this office? (Which is why my door is usually open...)

... am feeling guilty about drinking a 13-ounce bottle of Starbucks mocha pseudoFrappucino. All 300 calories of it. Yikes.

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