Sunday, December 16, 2007

Things I'm Looking Forward To

1. Christmas! It's a low-key one for me, but still. I love Christmas.
2. Making cookies today with the GF.
3. Going to the Christmas Tree Shop tomorrow by myself, and wandering around as long as I feel like it.
4. Getting all my grading done this week and having over three weeks without classes to be responsible for/to/with.
5. Planning next semester. No really--I like planning. Sometimes I just get overwhelmed with the actual doing.
6. Egg nog with rum. (Ooooh...maybe I'll take some rum over to the GF's house so I can have a treat whilst baking...of course, cookie dough is also a treat...)
7. Heck, let's give it it's own line: Eating cookie dough.
8. Seeing Sweeney Todd this week! Yea Johnny! (I wonder if he and Hugh Grant are like anti-matter and Johnny is the Bizarro Hugh...)

Okay, time to put on the snow pants and walk that long two blocks to the GF's...wish me luck...

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