Monday, December 03, 2007

Friendship City

Delicate Boy blogged this morning about friendship....and I have to agree that I'm often amazed by the long-term friendships I've maintained. I had a great dinner just before Thanksgiving with K, whom I've known since seventh grade. Even though we live on other sides of the country, even though our interests often diverge, we share a deep history--in part because we met at our church, surrounded by those good Scandinavian-American Lutheran women and men who had a huge part in shaping our psyches.

And staying with my friends from college--sorority sisters, at that--who are smart and well traveled and funny, who read lots of interesting things I haven't, who have a take on the world that complements and challenges my own. That was very nice. That's the kinds of friendship I haven't been able to develop where I am now--well, I *did* develop that with my grad school friends, but now we've all scattered and communicate through our blogs and email and occasional phone calls and cards. The kinds of friends who send you a cool present in the mail for no reason at all. Who give you fun nicknames. I like that.

I do wish I'd had more time to visit with folks while I was in Seattle--I feel rather guilty about it. These are people I may only see once every few years, and maybe part of why I want to spend time with them is nostalgia, as I miss the young (albeit often messed up and confused) people we were together. But I also love appreciating the cool middle-aged people we've become.

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