Sunday, October 28, 2007

Mutt & Jeff Take a Snooze

Maddie (age 13 years and weighing 45 lbs.) and Zoe (8 months and 6 lbs.) take a rest after playing keepaway with chewies. Yes, this is my chronically dog-aggressive dog. Next to a puppy. Sometimes she even plays with Zoe, though I have a feeling play-pose is a bit hard on arthritic shoulders.

Of course, Maddie also decided to take off out the front door after the neighbor's cat yesterday. She slipped and half-fell down the front steps, quickly regrouped and took off again. Since she's almost completely deaf, I had to yell REALLY LOUD as I bounded after her, snagging her about 15 feet away. Sometimes the spirit gets way ahead of the body.


mryonker said...

"Sometimes the spirit gets way ahead of the body."

This is so appropriate for me on SO MANY LEVELS.

Wow. Heavy stuff.

The People History said...

I like your photos of your dogs they are so much better behaved than cats