Tuesday, August 07, 2007


1. Had an introductory acupuncture session yesterday, courtesy a gift certificate the GF won at a fundraiser for her school. (Other services included a chiropractic consultation, which was useful--some good suggestions for stretching--and a very nice Swedish massage, and a shiatsu still to come). I've never done acupuncture before, and I'm sure it could be very helpful, but mostly this session seemed useful for keeping me in one place relaxing and meditating...because I could NOT MOVE.

2. Took myself to see two action movies in the past several weeks--last weekend, the Bourne Ultimatum. Most fun, except for the extended fight scene in which basically Jason meets another "asset" like himself. So, lots and lots of hard punching. Icky. But the fabulous chase sequence through the back alleys of Tangiers was loads of fun. Previously, saw the latest Die Hard, and I can't even remember the title. Die Hard, Already? No, that wasn't it... very funny, in that Bruce-Willis-as-aging-energizer-bunny sort of way. Plus the appearance of his daughter, and it's good to see an angry young woman who can take care of herself. That apple didn't fall far from the fictional tree.

3. Moving. A bit at a time. Some big heavy stuff in the storage unit that will require assistance, so I thought I'd just hire someone to help with a local move. Except they all charge three-hour minimums for three-person crews. Really? I'm too old for this moving stuff, anyway.

4. Dog on steriods. Yup, Maddie's been juicing. No, not really. Her chronic skin condition flares up in the summer, and this summer has gone really well--no major problems. But the Wise Vet counseled treating with pred at the first sign of trouble, and that sign finally arrived last week. Which would be fine, except that she has to pee every two hours. Wreaks havoc on the sleep pattern. I'm a very sleepy camper.

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Candace said...

4. Dog on steriods....try using the least amount of pred that produces required effect without undesired side effects.