Monday, June 11, 2007

random thoughts

Inspired by earthwidemoth, I give you the ramblings of my brain...

1. I keep noticing way cool blog names. But renaming would require too much energy.
2. On my calendar is a note that my Netflix account is scheduled to restart from its hiatus at the end of the month. (When I held on to the same DVD for 5 weeks, I knew I didn't have time.)
3. I should check my Netflix queue. I wonder what's at the top?
4. I love that, thanks to computer programmers and web designers, we now use the word "queue."
5. Another person yelled at me about my dog. And she hadn't done anything. This lady clearly has a bad life. I wished a nice day. (Okay, I practically shouted it as she slammed her window closed, but still. It's the thought.)
6. A six-year-old friend pondered why the alphabet is in the order it is, so I looked it up. Guess what? We don't really know.
7. I made nachos to take to the GF's house for dinner, but put too much lemon juice in the guacamole. Of course, avocados are expensive, so, in tribute to my father's thriftiness, I'll probably force myself to eat it.
8. My father doesn't like avocados.
9. Now that it's getting hot and humid, and my Scandinavian-American sweat glands are shifting into overdrive, I remember why I used to own a whole lot of baggy t-shirts.
10. Found a spiffy little three-shelf metal cart by the sidewalk the other day. Needs a bit of spray paint or contact paper on the top shelf, and some WD-40 on the wheels, but otherwise exactly what I needed to help organize my office area.

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