Tuesday, May 08, 2007

First I was afraid...

...yes, I was petrified. Here's scary stuff happening in the next several days:
1. Job interview for a full-time, one-year position, at a small college about a 90-minute drive away.
2. Hooding ceremony & dinner.
3. Commencement.
4. Defense of dissertation.
5. Moving.

Yes, this is all exciting stuff, but really really scary, too. But, I have lots of support, and I will be calling all of you in the coming days so that you can talk me down from where I'm teetering on a big ol' pile of anxiety.

Also exciting:
1. My sister & her partner (I've decided to stop calling him her boyfriend, because it's so undignified...wait, maybe it *does* fit...) are arriving to see me graduate. Unfortunately, we can't drink ourselves silly following the ceremony, because I'll have the defense the next day, but still.
2. Bought a dress and a linen jacket for interview & festivities. This also provides an excuse to buy shoes. Yea!
3. Just got a phone call from a colleague where I taught last year, someone I really like and respect and hadn't talked to since I moved.

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aerobil said...

Julie Wonka bought the same dress! And she wore it to the department gathering this evening, looking stunning as usual. Great taste the two of you have.