Tuesday, November 28, 2006

The Moira Addendum

So, the GF and I are up to Season Three of The L Word,* and Moira's arrival on the pretentious LA scene reminded me of this piece from FakeGayNews.com. Because, despite the producers' and writers' best intentions, this story line really don't work.

Oh, and in the spirit of that fake news item, remind me sometime to tell you about the ex's and my 3-hour round trip to see Clare of the Moon at a special screening. And why I will never ever again go see something just because the word "lesbian" is attached.

*(Okay, I watched it religiously last winter, but we're still working on her education, here. After all, this is a woman who regularly observes, "You are so gay!")


aerobil said...

I'm so totally with you on this--I HATE the Moira story line, I hate the character, and I just don't see the point of any of it. Down with her/him!

susansinclair said...

I'm so torn...I like the *idea* of Moira...just not the actual Moira/Max...*sigh*

aerobil said...

maybe part of the problem is that he/she is so integrally tied to Jenny. Argh!